Friday, January 29, 2010


The SNS has been a success so far. The first feed with it was BEAUTIFUL. I cried. He latched on and suckled at each breast for 10-15 mins each before falling asleep on my breast with a contented burp and sigh. It was perfect... I can't wait until it is alllll me.

The second attempt was much more difficult because it was timed with a difficult period of the day where he gets bad wind pain but it was a success when he wasn't in pain.

Over night I didn't use the SNS but had a great night with Cammy. He latched onto the breast at each feed and took each breast for 5-10 mins before needing a top up with EBM. The 5 AM feed was all me - he fed at the breast then had 30 mL of my EBM. He even frowned when I got a bottle LOL

Because he is suckling I am now getting a more definite let down that I can feel and I know he's getting more than usual from the breast as I hear the little gulps more frequently now.

Also, my breasts look fuller, feel fuller and ache sometimes! & I'm getting hungrier and thirstier like I used to when I was initially breastfeeding... WOOHOO!

If you have found this relactation blog as a result of currently relactating or considering relactation; I hope this serves as inspiration for you and hope

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