Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Beginning

Yesterday, I began my relactation journey after stocking up on medication, supplements, information and gaining support.

You see, I have an almost-4-week-old baby boy who has formula fed since he was one week old. I was hospitalised with severe anxiety attacks and insomnia when he was 6 days old and was not in a state to breastfeed so he was given formula feeds.

I then allowed my milk to dry up as I focussed on getting better mentally (I have postnatal depression and anxiety)

Now I'm doing great and so is he but I so desperately want to breastfeed not only for the benefits to him but because I loved it.

So I'm attempting to relactate. I'm eating well and drinking loads of fluids, resting well, nursing him as often as possible (he'll latch on but gets frustrated because I'm getting next-to-no milk).

I'm taking fenugreek, motilium and am pumping regularly. I'm in contact with a lactation consultant and am waiting on a Supplementary Nursing System which should come Friday or Monday.

Some beautiful, generous Mummas are donating expressed breastmilk to us as well which means that my son will no longer have formula and will get all the benefits of human milk while I get my supply up.

I'm currently hand expressing every two hours & pumping each breast with an electric breast pump for 15 mins all up straight after. It's a time-consuming process whilst caring for a new baby but I'll do ANYTHING for the ultimate reward!

I'm feeling SO positive and excited! I already feel like I will be a success although I know it will take a lot of hard work and persistence.

Today he was on the boob suckling despite the fact that they're dry (I had just hand expressed the small amount that I do get)!!! He suckled for 10 min on my left breast and 5 on my right before falling asleep.

He even unattached himself, yawned and reattached himself a few times. He's so amazing!

I also called the company that I've bought the SNS off and they're express posting it to me so that *fingers crossed* it'll come on Friday so that I'll have hubby here for the weekend to help us get used to it.

Yesterday I was only expressing 2 to 4 mL all up from both breasts every 2 hours and today I'm expressing 5 to 7 mL Celebrating the little things! Oh, and while I was wearing him skin-to-skin today (as always!) he cried and I leaked on him!

If you have found this relactation blog as a result of currently relactating or considering relactation; I hope this serves as inspiration for you and hope

Don't hesitate to contact me (racheous [at] live

You can see how we are doing now at Racheous 


  1. Hey Rachel, I just wanted to tell you how amazingly inspiring I think you are. I don't have any children but all I can hope is that when the day comes that I might have some of my own that I have at least half of the will, determination and sheer strength that you've shown from day 1 of your pregnancy. <3 reading your blogs.

  2. wow, this is amazing! I didn't even know you could do it! If you didn't live in another country I'd ship you a cooler full of milk!

  3. Hey Rachel,
    Been following you forever on you tube and you inspired me to start my own TTC blog ( infertility) and even though no one reads it, it makes me feel better, so thank you!
    I am so glad to see things are getting better-hope you'll continue to keep us posted!