Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have successfully relactated!!! I'm now producing as much breastmilk as Cameron needs!

It was a difficult 17 days but so worth it!

I've had a difficult past couple of days with a breakdown, dr visit, a ute reversing into my car, Mike melting the $85 breast pump kit to the pot and filling the house with fumes & the hospital grade pump I've hired stopping working (half way through me pumping so my nipple was sucked in there like crazy and I had to pry it out!!!)

Let's hope my luck turns around?

This is by no means the end to my journey. Now it is a matter of maintaining my supply and juggling offering the breast and exclusively expressing. I also have to wean off the medication I am on slowly. I have a new pump on the way that I've bought (I'm excited! A Medela Pump In Style Advanced) so here's to the rest of my journey.

If you have found this relactation blog as a result of currently relactating or considering relactation; I hope this serves as inspiration for you and hope

Don't hesitate to contact me (racheous [at] live

You can see how we are doing now at Racheous 


  1. Hey, Congrats on all your journey! I just had our little guy 6 days ago and had to use formula when he was born until my milk came in, then he would not feed from me. I had the nurse come the other day and she suggested using breast sheilds and they work really well, it is still some work to get him to latch but he does and feeds till he is full from me. Medela makes great sheilds ina variety of sizes so get a couple and see what size Cammy prefers.
    I have the same pump as you and I love it!! works so well!!

    Good luck!

  2. Congrats Rachel, you continue to dazzle us all with your bravery and commitment to motherhood. Hope to see updated pics of Cameron soon.

  3. Congrats Rach, Ive followed your story from TTC, have shed tears, laughed and been in awe of you and how strong and positive you are.
    So congratulations on the successful re-lactation, and thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.
    I hope things only get easier for you.