Saturday, May 28, 2011

17 Months & Still Breastfeeding After Relactation

My son at 16 months giggling with me

My gorgeous son is a couple of days shy of 17 months and we are still breastfeeding strong after relactating. I am so thankful for our breastfeeding relationship and breastfeeding a toddler is like the hindmilk of breastmilk, I swear.

If you have found this relactation blog as a result of currently relactating or considering relactation; I hope this serves as inspiration for you and hope

Don't hesitate to contact me (racheous [at] live

You can see how we are doing now at Racheous 


  1. I envey you-my daughter is 14 mo now and has offically shown she is no longer interested in bfing :( i do miss it.

  2. I just found your blog on Pinterest.

    I relactated myself in September 2010, best choice I ever made! My daughter is just shy of 2 years old, and we're still nursing. I find that there are more and more stories of women relactating and it warms my heart every time.

    Thank you for sharing your story. You probably inspire many women.

  3. hello i followed your journey and was so inspired by your blog that I too found a way to relactate and was able to breastfeed for almost a full year. eventually couldn't produce enough milk to keep it going but i was very happy with going that far. Anyway, my sister is beginning her breastfeeding journey and she is so nervous as it didnt work out with her first baby and since i also struggled I was wondering what advice you had on whether she should pump always after each feeding or if it didnt matter to pump as long as breastfeeding is settled in? baby is now almost 7 days old but still she worries...

  4. Hi.. i have been reading your blog almost every day because it make me feel "I Can too". For me i have started relactating my son(who is 3 months old now) and have been on formula feed from day two. I had issues with my stitches after a month and the medication and stress resulted in lowering my mill supply. after reading your blog for almost 100th time.. I thought why not i give it a milk supply has started but not to a point where it can match his requirements but i am positive that one day it will. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Your blog is a huge support for people like me.. lots of love.. god bless you!!